Understanding the mechanism of search engine algorithms


All search engine marketers are interested in understanding the most influential factors in web search results. For last few years everyone is trying to understand the relationship between search results and links, on-page factors, off-page factors and social media signals.
Here is the list of characteristics of web pages that might help you rank higher:

Domain Level Anchor Text

Google does not like over-optimized domain anchor text, this metrics describe about the root domain hosting page. For example, for the webpage www.example.com/X, these features are for anchor text links pointing to *.example.com, not just Page X in www.example.com.

Domain Level Keyword Skeptic

This is related to entire root domain, does not directly describe link or keyword based elements. Alternatively, they relate to stuff like length of the domain name, as in number of characters.

Domain Level Keyword Usage

This characteristic covers how keywords are used in the root or sub-domain and how can they impact your search engine rankings. The web pages with exact and partial match domain (EMD/PMD) do have a high probability to rank higher. Though Google is still adjusting their algorithm on this.

Domain Link Authority

This describes the link metrics for root domain hosting. For example – for the page X in www.example.com, this will check and value links pointing to *.example.com, not just page X. The subdomain correlations are larger than domain correlations in their latest algorithm.

Page Level Keyword Usage

This feature describes use of the keyword phrase or search query in particular parts of the HTML code of your web page such as the title , H1s, alt attributes, and more. Some of the latest research shows that the title tag, the body of the HTML, Meta description, and the H1 tags all have relatively high correlation with higher search engine rankings.

Page Level Keyword Skeptic

This characteristic explains non-keyword usage and non-links metrics features of individual web page like page load speed, page length etc.

Page Level Social Metrics

Social media signals from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have a very high correlation with higher rankings. Google+ being ahead in the race compared to others.

Page Link Authority

This characteristic describes link metrics to an individual ranking page such as number of links, MozRank etc.


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