Important points to look at when designing your website


The reality today is millions of people are accessing the internet via mobiles and you’re website should adapt it. As a brand or marketer you will have to shift through phases and trends that makes an impact and will last long time on web. Here is the list of important points to look at when designing your website:

Concentrate on mobile

As stated above, you’re website needs to modified to serve increasing number of mobile users. You have to think “Mobile First”. Well, if you are considering your brand website, create a mobile version first and then work on desktop version. The desktop version and mobile version of your website cannot be same.

User experience on mobile and desktop is completely different as the font size, image dimensions, aspect ratio, tabs etc. vary compared to desktop version.

Simple and clean

Making a clean and simple website is a sure shot formula to present to your users, an easy to use website with unstrained navigation. Right now simpleness and flat designs are in trend. Apple latest iOS releases introduced flat design which is being loved by lot of designers across the world. Similarly, your web page needs to have a clean, simple and flat design which will help user on your website to absorb the information quickly. Fonts and colour coding is an important aspect too.

Responsive website

Firstly, the page speed matters! If your website does not load within 4 seconds, there are high chances that your visitor will bounce of your website. Your site should have a quick loading time along with a responsive design. Responsive here does not mean sloshing content and images, but modifying them so it does not take too much time to load also appear in the right aspect ration as per the screen resolution.


Traditionally, scrolling and movement was put under navigation pane. Fact is, no one has given too much thought too it. When Pinterest came with an awesome website UI (User Interface) design wherein users do not have the pain to switch between pages, it rang the bell for lot of designers. It was an ideal example how one can improve the UX (User Experience) by allowing them the ease of scrolling and navigation. With mobile usage on the rise, this concept is an important one to consider in your site design.

Social media integration

Since SEO optimization also considers social media engagement as an important aspect, your website design should be involved more with various social media platforms. There should be social media ” Share Buttons” for every article, blog post and picture on your website. This will increase your content share ability.

So if you’re website is already created, start incorporating these concepts else include them if you’re about to create one.

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